Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have an emergency?

You should call 911 or go the nearest emergency room. When you are in the hospital you can have a family member call Dr. Gurle inform her or ask to the emergency room staff to give her call.

What is an internist?

Doctors of Internal Medicine or an Internists are different from other doctors because we specialize in adult health care. We spend 3 years of Residency learning about adults. We learn how to prevent, find and treat illness in adults. We are always learning more about: cancer, diabetes, kidney, liver, heart and blood vessels, infection, hormones, rheumatism, old age. We are ready to care for any adult sickness, no matter how common or strange it is, or how easy or hard it is. We take care of people from their teen years through old age. We care for our patients throughout their life.

Why do I need a primary care physician?

A Primary Care Physician (PCP) see their patients regularly, looking for symptoms the patient may not notice. They can catch early warning signs of diseases that may require further investigation in order to prevent health problems. Annual exams will help your PCP to guide you toward a healthy lifestyle and work on prevention with you.Remember the old adage: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Should you need a specialist, a PCP would refer you to one.

What is a fee for service practice and how can I get a refund? What about lab work, prescriptions ?

Fee for service means that the payment is due at the time of service. At the end of the consultation you will be issued a receipt with a detailed description of the service you received and you can submit it to your insurance carrier. You can check in advance with your insurance about coverage for an out-of-network provider and your deductible.Another option is to use your Health Saving Account ( HSA) to pay for the visit. For all other services (scripts, lab work , X-rays, MRI , referrals to specialist…) you can use your insurance benefit as usual, we will find the right place for you covered by your insurance plan.

Can Dr Gurle submit the medical claim on my behalf to my insurance company ?

Yes of course, if you provide me with a copy of your insurance card and the insurance form to claim your benefit I can do it. But I can not inquire about your out of network benefit and deductible.

How can I reach Dr. Gurle?

If you send an email for non-urgent matters you should receive an answer within 24 hours. During office hours, if Dr.Gurle is with a patient, you can leave a message and Dr. Gurle will call you back in between appointments or after her consultation hours.

How old my children can be to see you?

An internist can see adolescents, but no infants.

What is a courtesy visit at the hospital and how it can help me?

In the event that you are hospitalized, Dr. Gurle will make one or more courtesy visits that will help you understand what is happening during your stay and why. She will also be in daily contact with the medical team taking care of you.

What is a women health visit?

An annual exam is part of your health care, it will include: a general physical exam (with breast exam), pelvic exam (Pap smear), and review of family health history and personal health history, and evaluation of your need for health screening tests.