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Annie, Los Altos, September 2014

I have been meaning to write a review for Dr. Gurle for a long time, because she is an outstanding doctor that everyone should know about! I decided to give Dr. Gurle a try because I had an acute condition that my regular primary care doctor couldn’t figure out what it was. Dr. Gurle\’s office is at a great location and has easy parking. She is professional, warm and caring. She took the time to carefully review my history, ask questions, and did a physical exam. I felt relaxed, cared for, and never rushed. At the end, she was able to figure out spot on what I had and recommended the best course of treatment for my symptoms. Dr. Gurle is a wonderful doctor, and I highly recommend her!


David M., Cupertino CA, Patient since May 2012

I must confess that I was certainly not expecting that… simply the very best Doctor I had the pleasure to interact with in my all life. I have the unfortunate pleasure to enjoy a very rare and unique skin disease; the fact this affliction is not per se, endangering one’s people lives and the pathology is extremely rare, obviously pharmaceutical companies are not that excited in spending billions of dollars in research to solve the problem. I had simply lost any hope that somebody could help me out or even be interested in spending time understanding my ordeal, particularly during the summer when heat and sun are increasing my problems. Valerie spent 2 hours asking various questions, always trying to listen and understand before coming to some non-logical conclusions, something I experienced frequently in the past. But that’s not all. She checked facts, spent hours and hours reading everything on the topic and came with a plan that, for the first time ever, is showing some positive results. Total Care Practice bears perfectly his name. Not only I am delighted by Valerie’s total care and compassionate efforts to improve my day-to-day life, but I am confident that more improvements will come and that I can trust her with my health forever.”

Isabelle V., Mountain View CA, Patient since February 2012

Dr Valerie Gurle is awesome. I finally have found a doctor who listens to me, understands me and helps me take care of my health – as opposed to those doctors that just treat a symptom. I feel so relieved that I now have an extremely competent doctor by *my* side, to face all the medical issues I may have; and to empower me to manage my health. Add that she is always on-time, and available by phone or mail any time, for any question or worry that I may have. She provides the best medical practice I have ever imagined. And just her lovely smile and warm welcome would make me feel better already!”

Amy M., Los Altos CA, Patient since June 2012

Dr. Gurle is great! I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Gurle (Total Care Practice) because I was hoping to find personalized medical care and a doctor who would take the time to know me personally. I could not be more pleased with Dr. Valerie! My first appointment, an annual physical, included a 90 minute discussion of my health history and a thorough 30 minute exam. Dr. Valerie is full of knowledge on current medical issues and obviously is excited to care for patients in this personalized model. She is easy to reach by email or phone and quickly responds to any questions and concerns. I highly recommend Valerie and look forward to being under her care.”