Service Description

Total Care Practice –

At Total Care Practice, we offer a full range of medical services including primary care, house calls, women\’s health examination.We provide continuity of care, you and your doctor will work together to address health issues and improve your well-being.

What to expect:

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  • Follow up visit will last as long as needed (all appointments will beA�scheduled as 30 to 45 minutes long);
  • Women exams: include physical examination with a PAP smear ifA�recommended

We are a fee-for-service practice (or direct pay medical practice) so payment is due at time of service; we have no contract with any insurance provider ( Dr Gurle is an out of network provider). At the end of the consultation we will provide you with a detailed bill of the services youa��ve received. You can later submit this bill to your insurance company and depending on your policy you will be reimbursed on some of the cost of your visit. If you have a Health Saving Account you can use it to pay for the consultation. For all the other services (lab work, x rays, referrals…) you will get reimbursed as per your insurance plan.

We accept cash, checks, and debit/credit cards. For information regarding our fees, please see the feesA�page.