Our Philosophy of Primary Care

At Total Care Practice you will enjoy a the service of a Personalized medecine at the price of a medical consultation, with no retainer fee.

Nowadays  our healthcare system encourages the primary care physician to focus more on quantity than quality. Medical Doctors are under an increasing pressure to see patients at a faster pace than ever before. Patients are spending more time in the waiting room than they are with their doctors. When they finally meet their physicians, they barely have enough time to express how they are feeling, let alone ask any pertinent questions to their well being.

They are not listened to.

Consequently, the quality of the patient care suffers. The physician inability to devote enough time to their patients can lead to a poor understanding of their problem, and sometimes even unnecessary procedures.

My goal in conceiving Total Care Practice is to create a patient care environment where these problems are no more. At Total Care Practice, you will find that we devote time to patients. My objective, as a primary care physician, is to listen and engage in compassionate dialogue with my patients to understand them as a whole person rather than a symptom to be treated.

We will talk about your health, but we will also discuss many different topics: preventive measures, nutrition, exercise, your family, your goals and your lifestyle objectives.

Together we will build a long lasting doctor-patient relationship that is rooted in trust, empathy and the latest medical science so that you can accomplish your life goals in the healthiest way possible.